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Music by Monica Lim, Jack
Burton & Patrick Telfer
Lighting Design by Josh McAuliffe
Electronics by Sean Taafe
Video by Patrick Telfer & Sean Taafe


Synapses are structures within the brain that connect different neutrons, allowing them to communicate and pass electrical signals from one to another. They are fundamental to all human connection and human endeavour.
'Synapse' was an interactive lighting and audio installation commissioned for White Night 2019 in Treasury Gardens, Melbourne. It consisted of a 10m PVC dome and over 3kms of electroluminescent wire, paintakingly woven into a simplified model of the human brain. The audio was derived from EEG brainwave data and was programmed to sync with the lights and interactive touch panels on the dome.
Thank you to David Atkins Enterprises for the commission and the Alan C Rose Memorial Trust for the dome.
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