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Willoh Weiland, Gabby Bush, Monica Lim, Lauren Stellar, Misha Mikho with the Centre for AI and Digital Ethics at the University of Melbourne, Autex Acoustics and Lofetcetera Studios.

Photos by Alan Weedon.


Scrape Elegy is part of the Swarm Exhibition at Science Gallery Melbourne.

What skeletons are in your digital closet?

You might have felt cute, but you didn't delete it later, did you? This is a journey through your own data - starting at a single point. A monument to the digital graveyard you have created. A mourning poem for the late capitalist hell that makes even the worst of us valuable. It's a sweet little drown in the doom scroll A private lament for what we give over to the scrape bots - data scraping is a common tool used to collect user information for analysis and to sell on to third parties. But no one here is selling your data, it's just you and things you've put on insta.

Thoughts on your digital past?

Privacy statement

This algorithm is designed to scrape the media data from your Instagram account with the information provided by you before entry into the exhibit. The installation cannot access your Instagram without the provision of your handle and your data won't be accessed after this process. The media data collected will be used only for the purpose of providing your personalised soundtrack within the exhibition and will not be used again. No record of your handle will be kept and the data used for the purposes of this exhibit will be deleted from the server at the conclusion of the exhibition.
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