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Creative Concept & Sound Design by Mindy Meng Wang & Monica Lim
Coding and Technology by Qiushi Zhou and the School of Computing, University of Melbourne 
Avatar Design by Henry Lai-Pyne
Lighting Design by Giovanna Yate Gonzalez
Set Design by Savanna Wegman

Special thanks to Antony Chacon, JingCheng and Melanie Huang for coding, design and prototyping help.

Commissioned by Melbourne Fringe 2023 with the support of Footscray Community Arts and the University of Melbourne.

Video by Rebus Cut.


Unleash your inner monster with this AI-charged avatar experience.

Ever wondered what kind of monster lives inside? Guài can show you.

Presented by Melbourne Fringe and Footscray Community Arts, this immersive augmented-reality mirror uses state-of-the-art technology to map your face (and emotions), and then transforms you into a fantastical monster avatar that reflects the uniqueness of you. Guài is a unique and playful experience hat deconstructs AI’s alienating power and turns it into a fun personality-tester with beastly results.

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