Ensemble Offspring
19 December 2020


Created for Ensemble Offspring's Hatched Academy Summer School in December 2020, Disensemble is a score generated in real-time by balls bouncing off shapes. Each time a ball bounces off an edge, a note or series of notes are triggered, which the ensemble then sight-reads. The choice of shape, number and speed of balls directly affect the rhythm and pitches being heard, with randomisation built in for articulations. The performance is partially conducted by a computer operator, resulting in a work which is part-composed, part-computer-generated, and part-improvised. Every performance is different.



This work uses machine learning to combine a Bach toccata and an old Javanese song 'Dara Muluk' using Markov chain probability calculations. The end result is a combination of machine and human decisions. Video made using the Lissajous Max for Live instrument.



For String Quartet and Video Game Quartet, two worlds jostling for space within me.